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Olive Oil Tasting Process

Olive Oil Tasting Process

James Panagiotopoulos

Below is a rough guideline to the Olive Oil Tasting Process as performed by professional judges at international olive oil competitions:

· Put a small amount of PJ KABOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a short glass.

· Cover the top of the glass with your hand and swirl it around gently for 10 seconds—this releases all the aromas in the oil.

· Quickly remove your hand from the top and inhale. You should now realize all the fresh aromas the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has to offer.

· Next, sip a small amount—simultaneously taking in some oxygen—and swirl it around in your mouth. By doing this you will become conscious of the fresh taste and bitterness intensity of the olive oil.

· Finally, swallow the oil and note its pungency, felt as a burn at the back of your throat.

Both the bitterness and pungency are also an indication of the existence of phenols (antioxidants) in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The professional tasting notes for our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are described on our product detail page —why not try it for yourself and see if you can also identify these fresh tastes and aromas!

Truthfully, for some people even the thought of putting raw cooking oil in their mouth is not appealing. But when we speak of a high-quality, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s quite enjoyable. However, as is with wine tasting, it does take some practice to learn how to identify the specific characteristics of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But it’s fun and worth the effort, thereby assuring yourself of the quality of the product you buy.

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