High-phenolic and award-winning, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Available in three taste intensities to suit your every need: Delicate - Medium - Robust

Olive Oil Basics
Olive Oil vs Grapeseed Oil

You already know that olive oil is both delicious and healthy. It spans a range of flavors depending

Cold Pressed Olive Oil: What Does it Mean?

"First cold press" shows up on many bottles of extra virgin olive oil. What does it actually mean, and is it important? Let's press onwards, shall we?

How Much Olive Oil Per Day Should You Consume?

While the exact amount of olive oil that’s right for you will depend on factors like what other fat sources you consume, your size, and your activity level, you may start to reap some of the benefits at just 1 tablespoon per day.

Does Olive Oil Freeze? Get the Facts

If olive oil gets cold enough, then yes, it will freeze. But most of time, what you are seeing isn't frozen olive oil, it's just... chilly oil. Oh, and we'll explain why Dr Oz was totally wrong.

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