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Omphacium Olympia Variety Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Omphacium Olympia Variety Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Omphacium Collection recalls the ancient methods of Hippocrates, who used as medicine certain early harvest olive oils milled directly at room temperature. Today we continue the production of special olive oils with ultra-high levels phenols and other beneficial compounds.


In the Ancient Greeks’ time, olive oil was an invaluable medicine in the hands of Greek doctors. Hippocrates, considered to be the “Father of Western Medicine,” documented 60 different health conditions that could be treated with such olive oil. The Greek name “OM-PHA-KI-NON,” or “Omphacium,” was given to this class of olive oil because it is made from unripe olives.

The appreciation of extra virgin olive oil not only as food, but also for reasons such as promotion of glory (The Olympics) and health/beauty has been an essential part of Greek culture for millenia. Omphacium Olympia Variety Early Harvest is an oil rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, as well as phenols such as oleocanthal, the most important of all phenols. This compound is proven to have many health benefits including stress reduction, weight management, and also boosts the immune system.


Our award-winning stainless steel 500ml bottle preserves Omphacium’s superior characteristics. It will keep your precious liquid safe from its enemies, namely oxygen, heat, and intense light, while adding a beautiful visual element and conversation-starter to any kitchen or dining table.

Tasting Notes

True to time-honored Greek values, Omphacium Olympia Variety Early Harvest indulges you in a lush taste with aromas of tomato leaves, fresh grass, ripe apple, artichoke, and herbs. With an intensely bold and assertive flavor produced from strictly selected groves in the region of Ancient Olympia, this EVOO yields a perfectly balanced spicy and pungent taste. Last, you will notice a luxuriously intense, peppery finish in the back of your throat.

Eating Suggestions

Omphacium Olympia Variety Early Harvest owes its intense bitterness and pungency, combined with strong fruitiness to its richness in phenols. This makes it ideal for any cuisine of highly intense tastes. It offers you and your family the benefits of an ultra-premium EVOO, one with the highest concentration of the beneficial plant compounds that keep those on the Mediterranean diet so healthy. Omphacium is especially ideal for pasta sauces, bitter greens, spicy dishes, soups (as a main ingredient and/or as finishing), stews, bruschetta, aged cheeses, paella, garlic mashed potatoes, plus grilled and roasted meats.

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