EVO3 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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evo3 is an exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil.  It has a liquid texture (low glutinosity – smooth taste), due to its relatively high level of unsaturates and a golden light color, giving it its unique fruity, slightly fleshy and fragrant taste. It is cold-pressed within hours after harvesting, giving its unique, delicate flavor.

All our olive oils are a blend between three different types of olives – the Kolovi, the Adramatiani, and the Lathoelia.  The Kolovi and Adramatiani olives mature slowly and are black in color.  They thrive in soil with slate in it.  Their flavor has an intricate, fruity taste, and their olive oil color is golden yellow to a golden green.  The Lathoelia thrives in lower altitudes and is bigger in size.  Their color varies from a red-violet black to purple and deep black, and they are harvested only when fully ripened. Their taste is fleshy and slightly fruity and fragrant.

The  free acidity of evo3 ranges from 0.3% which allows it to be labelled as extra virgin and categorized as exceptional quality.  

Our farming methods used are sustainable, no chemical fertilizers are used, and no chemical pesticides are used to kill the olive fruit fly.  Only organic fertilizers and natural methods to kill the olive fruit fly are used.  This translates into a clean, healthy product for you to consume.

Should be strictly used for garnishing foods. Pairs well with roasted fish, salads, roasted vegetables, and mezes.

500 ml - 16.9 fl oz

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